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   Our in-house research team continually updates more than 100 fields of data on more than 10,000 commercial properties in the Houston region and over 6,000 apartment complexes in all major Texas Markets. Other land use data programs available include Retail, Office and Industrial.

How do I use the new Website?

We are very proud of our new website, and it will continue to change and evolve over time. If you are new to our subscriber family and having trouble in accessing the features of the site. You can always contact us for help.

How do you update the information?

Our staff of researchers uses a variety of methods to find, collect, and update our data. Our team updates the database daily through online research, user submissions, uploading data from public and private sources, and contacting properties directly.

How current is your data?

We update our apartment rental data monthly. Our office, retail, and industrial rental information is updated on a quarterly basis. Our commercial deed records are updated within two weeks of a deed being filed with the courthouse. Our sales comparable data is usually updated within two weeks of a deed being filed or 24-48 hours from a sale being submitted by one of our subscribers.

What type of information is available?

We provide valuable information on all types of commercial properties. This includes leasing, managements and owner contact information (many with phone and email addresses), rental and occupancy data, grantor and grantee information, buyer and seller contact information, lender information, loan information including amount and maturity date (in many cases) and so much more. In fact, we regularly update more than 100 fields of data on each property.

Can I export the data?

Yes. Individual subscribers can export up to 200 records per user ID per month. If you need more exports, consider adding users or subscribing at our Enterprise level, allowing unlimited users and unlimited exports. For information on Enterprise pricing, call 713-305-4630.

So it's REALLY only $99 per month?

That’s right! For only $99 (single user price), you get all of our information on apartments, office, retail, and industrial rental data, access to all of our commercial sales records, access to our commercial deed records and so much more for every record we have throughout the US. That’s not something you’re going to get from any other data provider in the country! You can sign up here and start searching immediately. Tier pricing specifics for multiple users are available in the “Sign Up” area.
Of course, if you have a larger office, you can sign up in our Tier subscriptions and can add additional users. For more information about that, contact us.

How do I pay?

You can sign up and pay through our secure online site. Then, on the first of every month, we’ll automatically charge you. You can start your subscription here any time. We prorate the first month if you sign up any time after the first.

Do I have to pay with a credit card?

Yes. Our secure sign up site will require you to pay with a credit card. Other options will include e-check in the near future. Enterprise users should contact if you would like to pay other than a credit card.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Because this is a real estate data subscription service, we do not offer refunds. It typically takes 1 to 3 business days to register the cancellation. You can cancel your subscription by contacting:
2200 North Loop West, Suite 230
Houston, Texas 77018 (United States)
Phone: 346-571-7072

What do I do if my email address changes?

Email with your old address and new address, and we will take care of it for you

What if I need to change my number of users or Tier?

Contact and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I try it out before subscribing?

Yes! You can start searching all of our lease data immediately. Simply click on “For Sale" / "Evaluation” in the top navigation and search our office, retail, and industrial properties in Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. You won’t get as much detail about each property as a paid subscriber, but you can get a great feel for what’s available.

I'm having trouble viewing some of the data. Is it my browser?

The site was developed to be compatible with all the major web browsers. However, it’s best viewed in Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For some features to work, pop-ups must be enabled. If you’re still having trouble contact us, and we’ll work to get it resolved as quickly as possible.