12 Aug

In today’s world where everything seems to revolve around the internet and computers, real estate agents and the industry as a whole needs to keep up. The industry is now creating websites that can entice their clients from any place. It’s a much easier and faster way of relaying information.

But apart from that, there is now real estate software that was made specifically for agents and real estate companies. These are able to help them close the deal and make the entire procedure smooth and faster.

Here are some examples of this kind of software can help you close that sale.


Agent Image

Agent Image is a website design company that specifically caters to real estate agents and companies. They feature several helpful tools for web design, real estate marketing, and IDX solutions.

Among the pros of this website is the fast customer service responsiveness. However, several negative reviews pointed out errors in spelling and grammar.



Dotloop is a helpful software when it comes to optimizing productivity and real estate transactions. Some of its features include a real-time transaction management, signing documents with e-sign, form creation, and storage.

As with most software, you need to pay for the software monthly. The only downside is that it’s more expensive than other similar tools.


Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a software tool you can use for email automation. You can create drip campaigns by choosing the number of “events” and the dates when each newsletter will be sent. They also have templates to make the job easier.

When it comes to pricing, Wise Agent bills you annually but the price is set for monthly use. It’s at $29 per month.


Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss has become a household name when it comes to real estate lead management system. It’s where your emails, text messages, and contacts live. It also processes your leads automatically so you can track it more accurately. It has a clean and simple look that makes it extremely user-friendly.

It does have a mobile app available so you can check it wherever you are. However, it has very few and limited features compared to the desktop version.


Cloud Attract

Landing pages are important when you’re trying to build up your leads. This software makes it extremely easy for you to create accurate landing pages where you can acquire the data you need. It features professional-looking templates.

Perhaps its best-selling point is its user-friendly interface.



A usual part of a real estate transaction includes visiting the property in person. LiveTour features a tremendous 360-degree virtual tour feature which allows the audience to “visit” the property from the comfort of their home. This works for long-distance transactions.

The best part of this software is that you only need your phone to record the image of the property. You can also add notes if you want to highlight functions and amenities.



Contactually helps segment your business contacts based on how frequent you need to follow-up with a lead. This makes it easier for you to know which leads to focus on and spend more time.

The software itself has a user-friendly interface that even non-tech-savvy agents could use. However, it is a little pricey and its organization tools require a little improvement.


Market Leader

Market Leader is a lead management software for real estate agents and companies. It features ad management and CRM integration. This software also allows various realtors to operate on a single zip code but guarantees each lead goes to different agents.

One advantage of Market Leader is its comprehensive training programs that you can take part in.


Showing Suite

With Showing Suite, you can import your active listings to the software and it automates your schedule. It also creates a phone number so your clients could simply send you a text message if they want to schedule a home viewing. You can set default responses and save time while closing schedules.


Finding the correct software increases your chances of closing a deal and makes your life easier as an agent. However, software and apps are merely tools to help you succeed. In the end, it’s by your own hard work and wit that allows you to become successful in your career.

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