01 Sep

Real estate can be a fearsome investment for many people.

Those who want to dip their toes hesitate because of the seeming magnanimity of the investment itself.

True enough, off the bat, you need to shell out high figures to get started. And considering stiff competition and the limit to how many assets you can get adds to the fact that it is a hard investment to go to.

But when you consider the yield of your investment, it can have a great lump of return.

As a beginner in the field of investment, what can you do to make sure that your investment is going to give you some returns?

Here are some basic real estate investment strategies for neophytes who want to dive into the world of land and real estate acquisition.

Lower the Risk

Don’t go all out yet. Do baby and calculated steps.

This includes the famous lipstick flip. This is making a minor cosmetic fix on the property you want to invest in.,

This will run no more than $5k and would take a little over a month to complete.

To get started, find a suitable property that has a fair location and does minor fixes around it. This will result in quick resell.

The key is to keep on doing it again and again.

This is a low-risk and fast way to buy and sell properties.

Hold for the Long Term

Buy and hold is a more traditional approach to investing and is a generally safe and effective strategy any beginner can use.

Just like the first strategy mentioned, you still need to do repairs on the property. But this time, instead of selling it quickly, you can rent it out or lease it.

This can help generate a passive income for you. The lower the price you invest, the higher the return for the long term.

Use Airbnb

You can utilize the advent of technology nowadays. Services like Airbnb is a great way to create cash flow from your real estate investments.

You can profit from short-term rentals and can make the pricing vary according to the season or any factor that may come into play.

Another plus is you can use the rental property if you plan on having a vacation.

BRRR Strategy

The BRRR acronym stands for buy, rehab, rent, and refinance.

You can make the increase of value come faster by rehabilitating the said property. It will have more return because of the fix as well as using it to generate a daily income. You can also make it payback in whole and some more when you resell it.


Buying a duplex or any multi-family property can be worth the investment. You can live in one of the units and then lease the others.

This way, you can have your place to live as well as have passive income from the same property.

In real life, one needs patience in finding a good deal on a property and some elbow grease to make it work.

Real estate may be a daunting investment, but the yield for the persistent and strategic newbie can earn a fair amount from it.

It is always a good idea to ask experts before purchasing a property. Make sure that you do ample research so that the fear of losing will be replaced by the optimism of having a brighter future.

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