21 Oct

Chinese real estate investors drop 76% in 2019 compared to 2018 statistics.

The main reason for this plunge is the restrictions on capital leaving the country and geopolitical tensions on real estate deals.

Investors put in  $1.4 billion into U.S. real estate in the 12 months through September, but it was not enough to meet their investment in the previous year.

In a report, Chinese investors have become net sellers as authorities in China have restricted speculative outbound investment.

Net listing is a strategy in real estate that sellers use to liquidate their properties as fast as possible by charging the least amount of price possible.

This type of selling is illegal in some states though. Those restrictions are set for the protection of the sellers, prevent confusion, and to avoid lawsuits.

While this looks like a big hurdle in commercial real estate investment, it doesn’t need to be that way.

You can take this opportunity to grow your real estate investment portfolio.

Here are a few things to consider when there’s an opportunity for you to buy a commercial property for less.

  • Buy low

Net selling is selling the property at the minimum possible amount it can gain. This means that you can get a real estate property at a bargain. And this is a good opportunity to grow your investment without having to shell out a lot of cash.

  • Develop the property


Once you’ve acquired the property, make sure that it will be attractive. The amount you saved from buying the property can be used to renovate or refurbish the commercial property so that it can be rentable and in turn, will provide cashflow for you.

If, in any case, you take out a loan to secure the property, then you can ask for a commercial real estate bridge loan so that you can get additional funding for the renovation and improvement of the property without applying for a new one

  • Understand your locale

If you want to grow your portfolio and career as a real estate investor, then you have to have a proper understanding of the local market.

This way, you will know how to set the prices for every deal so that you and your buyer will both go home happy and satisfied.

Commercial Real Estate Maine

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Any news is good news for the optimistic. If you see something look beyond the headline and see what opportunities lie for you.

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