20 Aug

Technical professionals integrate routines, protocols, and tools for building software and applications under Application Programming Interface (API), Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Public Access to the database with an API to be the preferred strategy.

Why an API Strategy?


  • Software applications are numerous and few have been connected to databases.  Connecting data to software applications through an API allows a digital transformation, i.e. a universal software connector.


  • APIs can be quickly employed without affecting the database or the application.


  • Developers proficient in difference ecosystems can connect through APIs.


  • REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs easily stage the data for universal connectivity to applications.


  • APIs employ security protocols, including password protections.


  • APIs provide security mechanisms to manage output and input of data.


  • Businesses use API implementation for flexibility in small scale projects.


A client can access national real estate information and related people contact database records contained in a Structured Query Language (SQL) database.  SQL is used to communicate with a database. 


Database integrity should cover three critical security areas:


  1. Physical Security;
  2. Operational Security; and
  3. System Security. 

  Physical security provides for card, fingerprint, and facial feature requirements.

  • Access to select employees that are screened and designated as technicians.
  • 24-hour personal security


Operational security monitors and limits access to confidential information.


  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Destruction of customer data
  • Audit trail


System security with hardened operating systems (OS) requires periodic patching.


  • Monitoring and upgrading fire-wall systems to block unauthorized access.
  • Redundant backup systems to protect data integrity.
  • Virtual private network to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Intrusion detective devices.


API writers need to have extensive backgrounds in programming and technical writing; with extensive programming background in the .NET Framework under “managed code”.

Collecting behavioral data on people is an important factor in big data processing.  But that data needs to be processed in such a way that it becomes an enhancement to basic real estate economics; occupancy, rental rates, sale prices, operating expenses and capitalization rates.

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