14 Aug

Social media influencers aren’t just good at peddling makeup, fast fashion, and travel destinations. In recent years, plenty of people, particularly millennials, have also come to rely on an influencer for real estate tips and investments.

If you’re trying to get into the real estate industry or just need to give your business a boost, you might find success by being a real estate influencer.


Rise of the Real Estate Agent Influencer

According to a recent study, 98% of respondents said that they turn to social media or review websites when considering a purchase while 84% reported that influencers actually made an impact on their purchasing habits. 80% said that they are open to hiring an influencer real estate agent.

The people surveyed noted that they considered three factors when choosing a real estate agent. These are (a) referrals from family and friends, (b) local reputation, and (c) knowledge of the local neighborhood.


How to be a real estate agent influencer

So many real estate influencers have built loyal followings and made piles of money from sharing high-quality informational and entertaining posts on social media. Here’s how you can become an influencer real estate agent too:


Find your best platform

When you’re trying to sell real estate, visuals are crucial. To reach as many potential clients as possible, it’s a good idea to utilize as many social media platforms as possible. However, Instagram is undoubtedly the best platform for sharing photos, videos, and graphics. Here, real estate professionals can reach hundreds of millions of users, utilize features like location tags and dedicated hashtags, and capitalize on engagement rates that are much higher than what they can get on Facebook or Twitter.


Cash in on your interests

Stick with your passion and monetize it. Even if your interests seem niche, you just might find that there are plenty of like-minded people who will help you build a loyal social media following. For example, who knew that an interest in decades-old fixer-uppers would help the lady who runs the Cheap Old Houses Instagram account build her own digital marketing business and achieve financial success?


Be authentic

Be yourself. Stick with what you know and try not to completely sacrifice your personal interests for what’s hot and new. Be authentic in your interactions online and don’t force yourself to talk or post about things you don’t really care about.


Think about your “brand”

What tone do you want your posts to have? What message do you want to get across? Do you want to be seen as witty, funny, opinionated, or brutally honest?

Before you start creating content and posting on social media, ask these questions. Who is your target audience? What do they want to see from you? How can you help them?


Build your audience

It’s not enough to strategize and create. To build a strong social media following, you also need to engage with real people on social media, consider their feedback, and follow other users (including influencers) whose work or strategy inspires you. Try to obtain followers as organically as possible instead of buying fake followers or relying on other cheap tricks.

Being a real estate agent influencer isn’t always a walk in the park, but if you get it right, the potential to expand your real estate business will be worth it. Good luck!

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