13 Oct

If your real estate company will process Big Data correctly, you will be able to trade 100x more in earnings. In the past, this is only possible with technology stocks. If you can use Big Data in increasing your earnings in the stock market, you can also use it to increase your sales.

But first, you must know what real estate data you need to use to increase your sales. Decide what data you need to use for this purpose. Then interpret that real estate data in a way that will help you increase your earnings. Here are some tips on how you can do this.

1. Focus on a Specific Zip Code

Focus your attention on a specific zip code or a particular neighborhood. Big Data should show that this area has the potential of giving you rich earnings. Get to know every house and stay current on a daily or weekly basis on what is happening in this market. Don’t just spend time searching for them on the internet, but drive around the block or walk in its streets.

2. Use Data to identify Good Prospects

Identify prospects who have already listed their homes. They should also be looking for new real estate agents. This will cut the time required to close sales. You can do this if you will search for properties that are already in the market for 60 to 90 days. That means they are already expiring. Then send those prospects a postcard and follow up your contact with a phone call. These prospects may have already been looking for new agents to sell their properties.

3. Use the Real Estate Data in Your Content Marketing

The buzz word today is content marketing. Good content with verifiable statistics attracts the attention of customers. Use Big Data to make your listings more attractive to your target market.

You should have a content strategy in your marketing campaigns. If you don’t know what your customer wants, run a survey. The survey should pry out specific information about what your target market wants. Things that will help them make buying decisions.

Supply them with customized reports after you have identified their wants and needs. Show them they you can give them what they want through your real estate services.

4. Use Data to Reach Out to Owners of De-listed Properties

Search for data about properties that their owners withdrew from the market. Some of the owners of these properties may want to get their listing back to the market. Then search for information indicating that these homes will sell. Show them historical data that proves this. If you have search for the right data, you can easily convince your prospective customers. You can get their listings back to the market because numbers don’t lie.


The internet is a great source of information. Big Data has so many applications in the real estate industry. But if you get this information in a random manner, it won’t do you any good. Choose the right real estate data, organize them, and you will be able to increase your sales.

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