28 Aug

What is Enriched Real Estate?

Enriched Real Estate has launched a new site for real estate professions and investors who want to access commercial real estate information. Enriched Real Estate also uses crowdsourcing from its network of appraisers and brokers to generate the most accurate and reliable data for commercial real estate.


Company founder, Patrick O’Connor, MAI, believes that “data should be owned by property owners, brokers and appraisers, and not by a private data monopoly.”


Enriched Real Estate’s mission is to provide the best quality data at no cost. The site was developed and is supported by a team of distinguished real estate appraisers with 65+ combined years’ of real estate experience.


The site offers a free one-stop shop to find out virtually everything on 30+ million commercial properties in the U.S. Enriched Real Estate is a revolutionary site to generate the best quality commercial real estate data while making commercial real estate data free to real estate professionals.


More information can be found at: www.enrichedrealestate.com.


A few features found on Enriched Real Estate:

  • Guestimate™ of value, similar to the Zillow Zestimate™
  • Comparable sales
  • History of sales of the subject property
  • History of mortgages for the subject property
  • Extensive property information
  • Active lenders in the area for property similar to the subject
  • Affordable valuation options

Real estate professionals interested in effectively researching commercial property data can explore the site with free access. Enriched Real Estate is dedicated to helping real estate professionals increase their bottom line by eliminating exorbitant data fees.

One distinguishing feature is Enriched Real Estate’s Guesstimate™ of value.  The Guesstimate™ is an automatic estimate of property value using sales comparables and a proprietary algorithm of EnrichedRealEstate.com.


The site also offers an e-commerce like service to order a valuation or appraisal with quick turn-around times. Users can order a valuation ranging in price from $20 to $1,500 utilizing a number of approaches to value.


Enriched Real Estate is a free alternative to the commercial real estate data monopoly.

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