15 Oct

Do you want to increase the value of a home? Upgrade its interiors and you will add a significant amount to its value. That is the first thing you need to consider if you want to increase the value of a single-family unit. What are the items inside the home that you need to improve? Consider the following category upgrades.

1. Drywall

Add some texture over drywalls. It will not only hide the imperfections of the wall but also enhance the surrounding areas. Choose the right texture that will match with the interior décor of the single-family unit. You can choose to cover the drywall with latex paints. Majority of the upgrades done on old structures are like this because of market demand.

You can also choose to cover the drywall with attractive wallpaper. This is one of the easiest ways you can redecorate an old dry wall. Choose a wallpaper design that matches the style of the interior of the house.

2. Cabinets and Countertops

The next things you can consider are the cabinets and the countertops. A fresh coat of varnish or matching paint will make it appear that your cabinets are fresh and new. If you countertops show chips and cracks, replace them with new ones. Replacing them may be more expensive. But you can justify the increase in value of your home because of these improvements. Your interiors will look better.

3. Insulation

The customer will feel if the condition inside the house is not good. It’s the insulation of the house that will give it away. So, consider replacing the old insulation of the unit, especially if it is more than a decade old. It is easier now to replace the insulation. There are spray foam insulation, thermos-shield, and blown-in insulation available everywhere.

4. Lighting

A house is not complete if there are no lights inside. If the lights are already old, change them with modern style lights. That will increase the value of the single-family unit. Add a chandelier in the living room and its value will go up.

5. Flooring

You can also repair or replace the flooring of the house. Avoid carpets because they are costly to maintain. Hard wood floors and tiles are the least in maintenance costs. Among your expensive flooring choices are hard wood, natural stone, tiles, and cork. The least expensive flooring materials are linoleum, vinyl, and laminates.

6. Plumbing Fixtures

Replace the old faucets, fixtures, and toilet seats. Some of the faucets may be already leaking. The toilet seats may be already looking soiled and battered. Replacing them will cost you some amount. But if you replace them with new and modern ones, the value of your home will shoot up.


Look at the prices of upper-end homes in the market. You need to do this before you choose the upgrades that you will perform in your single-family unit. Know which extra features push the prices of houses or rentals up. Call an appraiser and ask him for advice on what upgrades are the best in increasing a home’s value.

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