10 Aug

Uber’s popularity has been nothing short of phenomenal. With countless happy customers and its popularity with even big names and celebrities, it does not seem to be going anywhere. One of their features today is Uber Pool, a choice where you can ride with strangers for a lesser price.

But is this this choice the best option for commuters or is it posing a threat to everyone’s privacy and safety?

The Birth of Uber

It is barely a kid when you compare it to big companies. However, its value as of 2016 is already at $60 billion. How could a 7-year old company create such a buzz and take the world by storm?

It was in 2011 when a startup company known as UberCab created a simple way of getting a ride: through a few clicks on your smartphone. They first started in San Francisco with CEO Travis Kalanick leading the way.

From there, the company entered into the mainstream.

But with the supporters came the rivals. Uber got plenty of backlash from taxi drivers, claiming that the company was monopolizing their customers. Even their own drivers went against them when fare changes came.

Nonetheless, Uber prevailed over these issues time and time again and is still continuing to up their value.

Benefits of Uber

Why wouldn’t Uber be popular when it’s a cheaper but faster way of hailing a cab? With just a few clicks on your phone, you’ll be able to find an available Uber near you.

When your car arrives, you won’t have to worry about people trying to get in first and eventually hijacking your ride. Your Uber driver will send you an email to let you know they have arrived and will wait for you to board.

It’s also far cheaper, although not as cheap as taking the bus or the subway. Still, it’s a rather relaxing ride for an inexpensive fare.

But if you want cheaper, Uber Pool is another choice. Since you’re sharing the vehicle with other people, the cost will be shared among you all as well.

Is Uber Safe?

If you check the people who were satisfied with their Uber experience, we can say it's fairly safe. However, there have been cases wherein customers have complained about rude drivers and even tales of sexual harassment.

Some states are getting more lenient when it comes to hiring drivers and there are less strict criminal background checks. If you’ll be driven by a stranger, it’s so much better to know you are safe with them.

There’s also the matter with basically sharing your location with strangers. Imagine pooling for a drive home with other people. If you’re the first to go, everyone will likely know where you are staying.

It’s not always the driver but could also be your fellow travelers who may pose risks to your ride as well.

Bottom Line

That being said, Uber is still a great choice for many people and even for traffic. It can cut down the number of cars on the road as some car owners would rather take an Uber than drive.

However, it would be best if the company can be stricter with finding qualified drivers and be more responsive to complaints. It also helps for the passenger to be vigilant and attentive of their surroundings.

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