19 Aug

The year 2018 has offered a lot of twists and turns in the industry and it will likely continue until the year ends. However, this is exactly the reason why real estate agents and companies need to learn how to track, monitor and expect the changes so they can use it to their advantage.

In a challenging and competitive industry as real estate, it is only the best to learn from every experience you have and keep on creating goals for the upcoming years. And of course, working hard pays off.

But what can real estate agents and even clients expect from the market this 2019?


Technological Advancements

Perhaps the biggest advancement that will continue on developing throughout the years is the technological aspect of the market. Like every industry, almost everything runs through the internet. There is also more software nowadays that can make several processes faster.

Companies now have their own websites. Your target audience is likely to want to talk to you online. You can even list properties online for potential bidders and buyers.


Slowly Rising

Home prices are still rising in a great number of places around the world. Although there are no surprise changes in the price, you can expect that it will rise slowly through the remaining months of the year and maybe for the first part of 2019.


Millennials as Customers

There will also be a great rise in getting millennials as customers. However, most of today’s millennials continue to be a part of the luxury rental market. But there’s also a rise in the population of this age group that are buying their own properties.


Construction Ongoing

Constructing of new properties as well as renovation of old ones are still continuing in 2019. This is a good thing for renters as this means the average rent is considerably fine. However, it’s not as low as the previous decades and it’s still above average, especially in the US.


To take advantage of the year, no matter if it’s turning for the worse or the better, you need to learn how to adjust yourself to the situation. Here are some of the things you can do to be a better agent than you were the year before.


Learn to say “No”

You’ll never know how beneficial it is to learn how to say “No.” It will give you more time for more important things and you can even learn how to spoil yourself.


5-Minute Meetings

There’s no need to go through all the non-important things when you only need to make a minor decision. A quick meeting every now and then can give you and your colleagues more time to work. Plus, it saves your energy to be more productive.


Maintain your Health

Most of all, keep yourself healthy. Don’t forget to eat and you can definitely put a little exercise in between. A healthy body is key to a healthy mind and you’ll need a sharp mind when it comes to trudging through the hard turns of an industry like real estate.


The next year will definitely bring in some changes in the real estate industry. Some, we can predict. But most will be unexpected surprises that you need to be ready for.

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