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Land use is the application of the available land and its management. It varies from the location of the land.

It is also concerned with the study of the movement of humans in a piece of land. It studies the transition of citizens from rural to urban areas or vice versa. From that study, government bodies can plan of what the land will be best suited for. This is where zoning comes into play.

Zoning is the government regulation on land use. This is why permits are given to landowners on what they can build. This is not just to enforce their authority. It has more to do with keeping the land more pleasant, keeping pollution to the minimum, and creating better transport pathways.

Studying land use is important. It helps us better understand the way real estate is being used to benefit human beings as well as the environment.

Using land use can also prepare us for any negative impact of industries and natural calamities through careful planning and dissemination of available land.

This is a guide to identify property types that can yield a good profit. Knowing and understanding these land codes is beneficial to any investor. Knowledge of these can help him differentiate himself from the market.


This island allocated for growing fish and other marine life in controlled conditions for the production of food.


This is a facility designed for growing or producing plants, trees, or vegetables.

Assembly or Meeting Place

These are facilities for public or private meetings. These include clubs, lounges, reception halls, religious facility, or kiosks. These types of land are primarily for short gatherings.

Day Care Facility

A facility intended to care for pre-school children, elderly adults, or individuals with special needs during the day.

Tavern, Bar, Nightclub, Micro-Brewery

Commercial establishments oriented around the sale and on-site consumption of alcoholic beverages.


Facilities for public or private, acute or chronic, health and medical services. These include clinical testing laboratories, rehabilitation centers for long-term treatment of sick or injured persons, and urgent care or emergency rooms.


A residential property occupied by one or more related or unrelated people living together as a social group.

It can also branch out to an assisted living facility, independent living, retirement facility, student dormitories, and fraternity and sorority houses.

Lodging and Hospitality

This refers to a property designed primarily to serve short- or medium-term overnight stays in a commercial establishment.

Suites, bed and breakfast, hotels, resorts, and spas, are examples of this type of land use codes.


These are properties where people go to for sports-related, entertainment, or any recreational activities.

These include amusement facilities, theme parks, swimming pools, arcades, race tracks, casinos, gaming facilities, cinemas, theaters, and even equestrian centers.

Fitness Facilities

Properties that include fitness training, sports centers, and locker rooms.


Any racing event needs ample land to meet the demands of competitive racing.

Shooting Range

A specialized facility designed for firearms or archery practice. These may be indoor or outdoor facilities.

Sports Arena or Stadium

A large-scale venue designed to stage competitions and accommodate large audiences.

Death-Related Facilities

Facilities that temporarily store or prepare corpses for burial or cremation. This also includes cemeteries and mortuaries.


A structure built on posts extending from land out over the water.

  • Auditorium Building
  • Concert Hall and Arena
  • Golf Related Properties
  • Kennel
  • Marina
  • Outdoor Amphitheater
  • Skating Facility
  • Ski Resort
  • Theater and Performing Arts Facility
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Watercraft Repair & Storage

This is a comprehensive list of the potential of the land. But you have to take note that not every area can accommodate all these. Make sure to plan and strategize before investing in a piece of real estate.

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