Data Mart Licensing

Our premium property, Sales, Mortgage, Owner contact  data is the most comprehensive in the industry and our advanced data licensing packages offer you the real estate data you need, directly at your fingertips.

A multi-sourced, enhanced national property data warehouse that contains all information you need with the 12TB ED data warehouse powers US real estate data transparency.



 We cover 3,142 counties in USA spread in 50 states

 How to access

 Data could be delivered thru a dedicated secured FTP created for you.

 Delivery could be one time / recurring based on your business need.

 How can you use

  • Averages & Trends - When you need all the property data in-house to identify trends or plot projections
  • Websites and Portals - Ingest all the data you need to publish property related web pages or power your real property research portal.
  • Marketing – Enriched Data bulk data supports your targeted marketing, competitive reporting, or collateral enrichment efforts with data driven results for print or digital marketing.
  • Analytics & Risk - When deep analysis and risk scoring using multiple correlated datasets is mission critical, Enriched Data best of breed property centric bulk data can yield the insights you are looking for.