Flood Map as a Service

               Enriched Data covers 3,142 counties in USA spread in 50 states.


 We cover 3,142 counties in USA spread in 50 states

 How to access

 You can access the data by using

  • Match and Append Service
  • Bulk data delivery
  • API

 How can you use

  • Map-Oriented Applications - Display property location on maps like internet listings portals, online research tools, etc.
  • Analytic Models - Risk analytics that need highly accurate location information like flood zones or county fee analysis.
  • Routing - Provide drive-time and drive distance zones to automate business processes and actions. Offer routing directions for destination inputs and 911 emergency services processes and workflows.
  • Risk Assessment - Examine risk factors such as local crime, earthquake, flood and fire for planning, claims & mitigation.