Match & Append Services

Whether you are looking to complete your files or append information and analytics for business analysis, Match and Append gives you instant access to accurate, complete and timely information.

 At Enriched Data, we provide access to the nation’s largest property and ownership database that is coupled with 1000+ man years researched data, delivering the most qualified, comprehensive information available on the Real Estate market.  Enriched data provides the range of data you need to meet your unique business goals, with sources that include:

  • US Property Data
  • US Sales & Mortgage Data
  • Property Owner Data


We cover 3,142 counties in USA spread in 50 states.

 How to access

Your Data + Enriched Data = Your Success

Choose specific areas and data fields that you want and get the licensing and pricing flexibility   suited to your needs. Whether you need data for the entire states for market expansion or   individual county / sub markets Enriched Data has the solution for you.

 Please Jeff Jardolin at 713 298 3052 or Reach us at

 How can you use

  • Companies expanding the business.
  • Real estate decisions makers.
  • Investors.