22 Oct

The American dream is the noblest means of living one’s life. This entails the acceptance that everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their goals and aspirations.

And why not? Everybody has the chance to elevate their lives and status, especially in America with its bountiful resources and land area--the latter makes it an ideal place for real estate investment.

How do you get started? If you don’t have a property to get started or want to expand your business, commercial real estate funding is one means that can cover what you need to get started.

What is a commercial real estate loan?

Commercial real estate loan is a practical means of securing funding for the expansion and the growth of your enterprise.

It is a mortgage for your commercial property as opposed to residential property. You can use the investment to get a new property and even buy new equipment or develop research.

The terms of payment for this loan vary. Some programs can let you pay for up to 30 years which is enough for you to gain back the credit and pay the set interest. Some companies even give commercial real estate loans with no downpayment.

What types of real estate loans are there?

There are many types of commercial real estate loans available. 

Understanding these types of loans will help you gauge what you need to expand and grow your business and secure the future of your enterprise.

Here are some examples:

Long-Term Fixed-Interest Commercial Mortgage

This is the standard type of loan for commercial mortgages. From the term itself, it means you can pay this type of loan for a more extended period without gaining too much interest.

Interest-Only Payment Loan

Businesses who are looking to pay the full amount in longer terms can look to this type of mortgage. Instead of paying monthly, this lets the business owner save up to pay a more considerable sum on fixed dates.

Refinancing Loan

Refinancing is excellent if you have things that suddenly popped up that need to be addressed. While there are additional fees involved in this program, you will, eventually, save more with this type than getting a new loan altogether.

Hard Money Loan

Hard money loan is mostly provided by private companies and is best for people who don’t want to risk their properties.

The Status of Commercial Real Estate Texas

If you are located in the area, there are plenty of opportunities for commercial real estate in Texas. Whether you are looking for office space or want to expand your business into a more prominent location, you will always find one for lease. So, it is best to find a location with the right price and terms.


If you are working hard and doing all that you can to achieve your American dream, then don’t let financial shortage keep you from getting it. There are many types of commercial loans available to you, which can help your business grow and thrive.

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